Wednesday, April 21, 2010

EndLink-Resource for End of Life Care Education

We see end-of-life care as a part of good medical care, not something distinct or apart. However, we emphasize the availability of specific knowledge on end of life care through this Internet site, not because it is seperate from good medical care, but because end of life care has been neglected in the training of most health care professionals. Further, the palliative care concepts expressed in this educational material are applicable across the entire spectrum of health care, not just in end-of-life care.

We hope that you will find the site to be useful in your work with patients and families as together you face one of life's most stressful, yet meaningful, experiences. Our intent is to provide you with the tools and information that will improve your ability to provide compassionate and expert care to patients, and to care for yourself while doing so. Our ultimate goal is to improve the well being of patients at the end of their lives, and their families as they continue in their lives without their loved one.