Friday, July 9, 2010

Wife of a Wounded Marine

In April of 2006 my entire world was flipped upside down after my
husband was hit by an IED in Ramadi, Iraq. We were thrown into something
no 20 year old should ever have to experience. The next four years were
spent in hospitals and hotel rooms. We were fighting for his life back,
and fighting to make a marriage work through pill addiction, overdose,
miscarriage, family feuds, infections, amputation, ptsd, and tbi. There
were amazing times that made everything worth it, and there were times I
truly felt like I was in hell. In April of 2010 my world stopped. My
husband, Cpl. Jimmy Cleveland Kinsey II, died while receiving inpatient
therapy for PTSD. I miss him. And I have guilt. And I hurt. And I'm
doing my best to work through it. This blog is my sanity. It's my safe
place. And sometimes it's the only place I feel comfortable showing my
true, raw emotion. Ultimately, this is my journey to finding my place in
the world and finding happiness.