Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Health Care Blog

We run guest posts by influential bloggers across healthcare every day, featuring pieces by observers at the center of the stories transforming the field.

You can think of us as a little bit like the Huffington Post with a focus on medicine, science and the business of medicine. Since passage of the Obama administration's health reform law, we've paid close attention to the Affordable Care Act, tracking the implications of the landmark legislation for the industry and consumers, as well as the looming legal battle over the law's future in Washington.

We also pay pointed attention to the healthcare startup scene and the new technologies that are changing healthcare. Since the national drive for health information technology less than a decade, we've tracked trends and ideas on the technology side of healthcare.

Is the cloud really going to change everything? Is there going to be a Facebook for healthcare? (Hint. You probably already know the answer.) Will doctors ever embraceelectronic medical records? What's the next big thing that hospitals and health systems are turning to in data and analytics?