Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cotton Swab Injuries Send 12,500 Kids To Hospital Each Year – Consumerist

We all know that we're not supposed to stick things in our ear, but we're also told that ear wax is icky and should be removed post-haste. This contradictory set of priorities might explain why thousands of kids show up at the hospital each year with swab-related ear injuries.

The National Children's Hospital study, published in the The Journal of Pediatrics, found that over a 21-year-period from 1990 to 2010, 263,000 children — ages 18 and younger — were treated in emergency rooms for cotton-tip related ear injuries. That works out to 12,500 annual visits, or 34 visits every day.

According to the report — compiled using data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission's National Electronic Injury Surveillance System — the majority of these injuries (about 73% ) occurred as a result of using cotton tip applicators to clean the ears.

Another 10% of injuries occurred when children were playing with the applicators, and 9% when they fell with he cotton tip applicator in their ears.

"The two biggest misconceptions I hear as an otolaryngologist are that the ear canals need to be cleaned in the home setting, and that cotton tip applicators should be used to clean them; both of those are incorrect," co-author of the study, Dr. Kris Jatana said in a statement, noting that ear canals are typically self-cleaning.

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