Sunday, March 6, 2016

NYTimes: How to Tell Someone You’re Terminally Ill

'I say, 'The doctors told me there is nothing they can do, it is inoperable and incurable,' '' says Wanda N., who is 50 and in hospice care at home in New York with metastasized colon cancer. ''When I tell people, I use the same words the doctors used to tell me.'' You might not have time or energy to formulate the exact right phrasing — but you are not obliged to be the town crier, spreading the news of a terminal diagnosis. ''Don't feel the need to announce your situation over and over again,'' says Wanda, who has told only a handful of people, including her father, a cousin and a few women from her Army veterans' group. Some she told in person, others by phone or text.

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